"I still remember walking into Marty’s studio to view the almost finished clay model—wow!—the statue was fantastic.  It was so alive I could almost hear his voice.

Our finished statue was unveiled December 3, 2009, 150 years from the day that Lincoln gave his speech.  You could hear the audience gasp as the veil came down, and I voiced “Lincoln is back in Leavenworth.”  The statue is beautiful, the citizens of Leavenworth are terribly proud, and the committee is so pleased that we made the right choice.

Marty is a gifted artist and a very nice person with whom to work.  He met every timeline and assuaged every concern of the committee.  I would highly recommend him as a sculpture and a gentleman."

Carol Dark Ayres
Lincoln Statue Committee 
Leavenworth, KS

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Abraham Lincoln Leavenworth, KS
Martin Leo Pyle  resides in Overland Park, Kansas and has lived most of his life in the greater Kansas City area. He attended the University of Kansas where he earned  a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His artistic mission is to realistically portray individuals with honor and dignity. 

His work is included in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Kansas State Capitol, the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame and many private collections.