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“I still remember walking into Marty’s studio to view the almost finished clay model—wow!—the statue was fantastic.  It was so alive I could almost hear his voice.

Our finished statue was unveiled December 3, 2009, 150 years from the day that Lincoln gave his speech.  You could hear the audience gasp as the veil came down, and I voiced “Lincoln is back in Leavenworth.”  The statue is beautiful, the citizens of Leavenworth are terribly proud, and the committee is so pleased that we made the right choice.

I have been impresses with his emphasis on research and the hours he spent “getting to know” his subject. I believe the amazing Lincoln statue that he created is a result of his intimate knowledge of the person of Lincoln.

Marty is a gifted artist and a very nice person with whom to work.  He met every timeline and assuaged every concern of the committee.  I would highly recommend him as a sculpture and a gentleman.”


Carol Dark Ayres

Chairman, Lincoln Statue Committee


"Marty has worked with the Chiefs on a number of projects related to our Alumni event every fall. Working with Marty is working with a true professional. He is organized, timely and an incredible artist. 


Marty’s continued involvement with the Chiefs is the best testimony of his work and his ability to exceed our expectations ever year. "


Kirsten K Krug

Vice President of Administration

Kansas City Chiefs Football Club

"I’ve enjoyed working with Marty over the last few years. His sculpture is action, suspense and thought-provoking. Fans love it!"


Rick Walls

Executive Director

Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

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